Online Training Portal

The Koogler Group’s Secured Training Portal provides access to Educational Programs and Products including Virtual Classroom Instructor-Led Programs; CE/CLE Student-Driven, On-Demand, Self-Study Courses; Exam Prep Products; and other industry resources available in our online store.

If you purchased a FLORIDA 40-HOUR COURSE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM PROGRAM, each individual Session will only be accessible on Scheduled Session dates and times. Think of a live Night-School Program where Students must attend each Scheduled Session delivered over an extended period of time – the only difference being that the Audio Lectures are live streamed through the Training Portal.

If you purchased an ALABAMA 20-HOUR COURSE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM PROGRAM, you must complete the Program in its entirety on scheduled dates and times.

If you purchased a Timed Program or Product – e.g., an ONLINE PROGRAM such as a CE/CLE Course or an Online Exam Prep Product, your access period begins at point of activation. Therefore, we recommend that you wait to activate your Program or Product until you are ready to use it.

Please note that Programs and Products accessed through the Training Portal are Single-User Products, intended for the sole use of Registered Users, unless otherwise noted in the Program or Product description. Sharing or distribution of Program or Product content, in any form, is a direct violation of U.S. and Florida copyright laws and may result in prosecution.

In addition, any copyright violation of the print and audio content of any Prelicensing or CE/CLE Program – including but not limited to Audio Lectures, PowerPoint Slides, Quizzes, End-Course Exams, Textbooks, and Study Guides – will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Program, denial of Course Certificate of Completion, and will be reported to the appropriate State Regulator.

Generally, a State Regulator may, upon receipt of a licensing application, investigate the applicant’s character, experience, background, and fitness for the license – and may not grant or issue a license to an individual who is found to be untrustworthy or incompetent.