Content Questions?

If you have a question about the material presented in a particular product please email the school administrator.

Technical Questions?

Below are the most common technical questions we hear. If you don’t find a solution to your problem here, please email the technical support department. Be sure to include your order number if you have one. Order numbers look like this: W01234567890123

Q: Now that I purchased a product, how do I access it in the training portal?

Please note that Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom programs do not require activation. Your instructor will take care of setting up the session and adding you to the roll. For all other programs and products, follow these steps when you are ready to activate. If you have any questions, please click the Help link in main menu at the top right of any page.

To access your product you need to activate it first. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into the training portal.
  2. Click the edit menu near the top of your welcome page and click activate.
  3. Select your product from the list, type the order number into the box, and click Create Session. You can find the order number here in your order history.
  4. Click Add User.
  5. Type your name and email address into the boxes and click Add. If you purchased more than one of the same product on the order, repeat until all users have been added.
  6. Click the Home link near the top of the page.
  7. There will now be a link to your product on your welcome page. Click to access when you are ready.
Q: I already have a WebID account that I use to sign into the online store. Do I need a new Web ID for the training portal?
No. You only need one WebID account and should use it for both the online store and training portal.
Q: Where do I find the order number required to create a session?
Your order number is listed on the email confirmation you received upon placing your order in the online store. If you no longer have the confirmation email, the order number can be found in your order history after signing into the online store. If someone else placed the order for you, please contact them for the order number. Order numbers look like this: W01234567890123
Q: I’m having difficulty signing in, or my sessions are timing out so that I have to sign-in before viewing each presentation.
Your browser’s security settings may be preventing the site from working properly. This is usually resolved by adding our website to your pop-up blocker’s exception list.