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TRID Rule Student Comments [2015-2017]

Love your classes. Love that you have our backs and fight for us small companies. You are the best.

The information is beyond impossible to understand without courses like this. I am so glad I attended.

This was an extremely informative program.

The TRID Rule is very difficult subject matter to comprehend. Thanks for making it as understandable as possible.

As an Agency Manager for a national title insurer, I was thrilled to book a full-day session of Karen’s TRID Program for our agents, as we did with the 2009 RESPA Final Rule Program and other Federal compliance programs in the past. She is the very best at what she does, and our agents always give her rave reviews.

Excellent Program!

Karen was informative, entertaining, and creative. Great learning environment!


Great course. Very informative and detailed.

Love her!! Very knowledgeable!!!

Everyone should attend this course.

Three of us attended from our office. We had previously attended the ALTA conference as well as webinars provided by title insurers and others. Everything pales in comparison to what we learned in The Koogler Group Program. Karen is an excellent instructor and goes into great detail regarding the most complicated issues.

Super course and instructor!

Excellent course! Very informative!

Very informative and detailed.

Very educational.

Our company provides its own TRID Rule training for our agents. However, as soon as I heard Karen was presenting a full-day implementation program, I immediately notified my local agents and we attended her program as a group, as we have attended other courses she has presented during the past 20+ years. If you want to know the nuts-and-bolts of how to implement something as complicated as the TRID Rule, Karen is the only instructor you can trust.

Great class. Karen possesses an amazing amount of knowledge.

Karen is the most educated person to be training in the title industry. Her classes are a “must” for anyone needing training and education.

I attended the ALTA seminar on TRID and learned little or nothing. Having attended Karen’s TRID implementation program, I now feel confident. There really is a difference between promotional seminars and educational programs. I look forward to taking more programs from Karen in the future.

Very good class with lots of information.

Very informative – Karen knows the business. She is not someone who just relays information as most seminar speakers do.

I have taken other classes with Karen. She knows so much and she has the right personality to teach.

This is the 2nd seminar/learning session with Ms. Koogler. I’ve been to many seminars and she is by far the best conductor.

Karen did a great job in instructing, considering the difficulty of the subject matter.

It’s great to have someone with so much knowledge instructing us.

Karen is a very smart lady. She explains the course content very well. A great instructor!

Karen is as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as she was when I first began attending her courses in 1998.

Too bad the CFPB didn’t ask Karen before they made up ridiculous new confusing forms!

Karen is an invaluable resource for our industry. We really have no other source that stays on top of the law as it relates to title closings.

Very informative and well explained!

Great presentation. Karen Koogler is the best instructor!!

Karen Koogler is a superb teacher and informative presenter.

I think Karen was GREAT!

The information provided in this seminar is very eye-opening and well-explained.

This course was very informative and it helped to make me aware of all the changes coming to help prepare myself and my staff to know what to do when the Rule takes effect.

Excellent course!! Full of information and presented in a wonderful, clear manner.

Good printed course materials – precise and clear.

Karen is very knowledgeable.

Thank you so much for filling in the gap where ALTA has been absent or worse. Thank you for your efforts with the governors and state representatives. Thank you for all you do!

No doubt that Karen is an expert.

I appreciate the passion with which Karen approaches and conducts her programs. I cannot imagine the brain-pain she has experienced during the course of her career.

Thank you for your dedication to the title industry. Your resources are life-saving.

Karen is a wonderful instructor and kept my interest throughout.

Karen was very informative and knowledgeable on the Rule.

Very informative!

Love Karen Koogler’s courses! Very educational!

Great program! A lot of material covered in a short amount of time. Thank you!

Lots of new information to digest. Karen did a great job explaining everything.

Karen is an excellent instructor and gifted at what she does. Thank you.

Karen did an excellent job explaining the ins and outs, and simplifying the Final Rule in a way that will help us implement it on the job. Thank goodness we have her as a resource in the title industry!

Excellent – lots of information – all good. Thank you!

I feel like, had I taken the course from a different instructor, I would not benefit as I do from taking the same course from Karen Koogler. She definitely knows what she is teaching and I would sign up for a class from her over anyone else. She is always very prepared and does her research.

Karen Koogler never disappoints. Her expertise and quick wit make her classes not only valuable, but entertaining. Love her!!!

As usual, Karen has done an excellent job presenting and explaining very difficult information. The textbook we were given in class was very well organized and written.

The Final Rule textbook is great!! While I still don’t like it [the Final Rule] at least now I understand how to implement it!

I highly recommend this Program for all Closers. Karen is the only person I know who can accurately complete the new forms!

The Study Manual used in class is a must for every title company. The examples in each chapter show how to implement the Rule, which will be helpful in our office. Thanks, Karen!

This course was very informative. It should be a requirement for ALL Title/Settlement Agents.

Karen Koogler really knows her area of expertise. We need to either clone her, keep her alive forever, or find technology so once she passes on to the other side, we can hook her brain up to a talking computer so we can still contact her for help!

I have been a real estate paralegal for 25 years, working with some of the best Board certified real property attorneys during my career. Karen far and away surpasses them in knowledge of the total umbrella with regard to all aspects of regulatory compliance and industry-specific information.

Great class! I’ve never met someone before with such enthusiasm for the title insurance industry or someone who was as knowledgeable about the subject matter as Karen is.

Karen Koogler truly is the title insurance industry expert. She is more knowledgeable than I even imagined and dedicated to educating people to ensure we have qualified professionals working in the industry. There is absolutely no one better qualified to teach Federal compliance courses.

Outstanding program. For someone who lacks confidence in an instructional forum, Karen empowered me by her method of teaching. I left feeling confident, capable, and smart. I was so impressed. Thank you!

No matter how long you are in the business, with the constant changes in the law, especially at the federal level, I think programs that cover the subject matter indepth, at an implementation level, are extremely beneficial. Karen helps make us aware of any mistakes we might be committing unintentionally with regard to Rule implementation.

Always the very best! Completely professional and knowledgeable.

For such a difficult subject, Karen made the course very interesting and fun to learn. Wish she taught courses for all industries, including mortgage lending and real estate.

Great course. Unbelievable knowledge. Truly cares about the title industry and wants to make it better.

I am sure others have written the same… Karen is a wealth of information and has a great disposition.

I would not be able to implement the Final Rule without Karen’s course and textbook. Thanks, Karen, for translating “Regulatory World” regulations into “Real World” application – and for answering all our questions in the weeks and months ahead!

I have learned a great deal from Karen.

Karen is an extremely patient and considerate teacher who is always willing to answer questions. She has a great attitude and creates a wonderful learning environment. I was very happy with the Program.

Karen is a great instructor – charismatic, with vast knowledge to share.

An excellent class. Keep it up. I will recommend to everyone. You are the best. Please never retire.

I wish there were more teachers like Karen. She is really an exceptional teacher and explained everything perfectly. A++

Top Notch! It’s great to have the opportunity to learn from someone with such ethical fiber.

Karen Koogler is an awesome instructor. She presented all material in a very interesting and informative way. I look forward to taking other classes from her in the future.

I have attended many seminars and training classes. This was one of the best I have participated in. Material was organized and presented very well.

Karen is very knowledgeable, fun, and a great teacher.

I wish I had Karen’s brain!! Not only did she have the unbelievable knowledge — she presented the material so anyone could learn it. I have had years and years of schooling — hands down, this was the best presentation of information ever!! Thank you!

Karen is exceptional in her knowledge of the subject matter. Learning can be boring, however she teaches in a way that keeps our interest from the beginning to the end of the program. Eight hours never flew by so fast!

Karen is extremely knowledgeable. She provides a complete foundation of knowledge from which to protect and grow our business!

Very knowledgeable instructor. Material was covered in an easy, concise manner.

This was the first time I have been in a class in a long time and she was the only teacher I understood. She explains everything very well. She is a great teacher.

Karen is a fantastic instructor. It was a great choice to take this program from her.

She is a great teacher. I learned a lot from her that I did not know from being in the business.

Every person working in the title industry should have to take regulatory compliance courses from Karen before dealing with the public. She is excellent at conveying the message in a manner everyone can understand. I highly recommend her!

Great knowledge of industry and subject matter, and communicates it extremely well. Thanks!

Great course. I’ve never met someone before with such enthusiasm for compliance issues or someone as knowledgeable as Karen about the subject matter.

This is the most confident I’ve ever felt before having to implement something as difficult as the Final Rule. Karen is the best teacher ever!

Karen is an excellent instructor. Her vast knowledge of how the Final Rule impacts the mortgage lending and title insurance industries made it extremely easy to learn. Great job!

The course, textbook, and instructor superseded my expectations! Karen Koogler is very passionate about what she teaches and is more knowledgeable than most attorneys I have come across in this industry. From now and to the future I will recommend with enthusiasm, any book or course provided by Karen. Hats off to Karen and all those who promote and support her. I wish I could pick her brain at any time. She is fantastic!

I don’t think I would have been comfortable in taking this program from anyone else. Karen is an outstanding subject matter expert. None better!

The manner in which the program was developed and delivered was excellent. As a former trainer in a subject matter which was not particularly exciting, I can attest to Karen’s infotainment style being very effective. She was highly recommended and proved to be exactly what we expected. I look forward to taking future courses with Karen in the future.

I really enjoy the way you taught the course — like a history class [past-present-future] — and that, for me, was good!

One of the most informative, well-presented courses I have ever taken. You are an awesome instructor!

Thank you, Karen, for an excellent program. Being relatively new to the industry, this was my first experience with the subject matter. Your method of instruction worked perfectly for me. Thanks again!

I don’t think I would have been comfortable in taking this course from anyone else. Outstanding!

Thank you for making the Rule easier to understand and comprehend as someone new to the subject matter.

Karen – I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great class you taught. In the past 20 years, I’ve been through a lot of courses and teachers, but you are one that will always stand out in my memory. I look forward to taking more of your courses and will be a regular visitor of your website. Keep up the great work!

Karen does a great job of relating all the topics to the “real world” so that you can fully understand. I feel very prepared for the Rule implementation and applying what I learned in the course when I return to work.

I am very impressed with Karen’s manner of teaching. She is very knowledgeable about the issues and industry and I highly recommend her.

The course was very informative and taught in a manner that was very understandable to those new to the Rule.

Karen does an excellent job as an instructor. She is very informative, but also very approachable. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions at breaks and following the course. I look forward to emailing you questions in the future!

Karen is very knowledgeable. She teaches the class on a very understandable level. Lots of “real world” examples.

Excellent course! Excellent instructor! Thanks!