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“Plug-and-Play” Partnership Program for State Title Associations and Title Insurers

State title associations and title insurers interested in promoting meaningful industry education via prelicensing and certification-level programs, are encouraged to contact Karen at to discuss how The Koogler Group can customize our Multi-State Study Manuals and online testing programs to include YOUR state-specific and/or company-specific information.

In addition, we offer mix-and-match course modules for classroom or online instruction for prelicensing and certification-level programs — which can be customized to suit YOUR specific needs. Courses range from as few as 10-hours to as long as 40-hours. Program components — study manuals, interactive CDs, online testing programs, classroom and online courses — were designed in a modular fashion, enabling us to affordably customize everything to YOUR specifications and get YOUR educational program up and running in record time. That’s why we call it the “Plug-and-Play” Partnership Program — because it is as simple as choosing the educational components that best suit YOUR needs.

We designed the wheel. All YOU need to do is commit to a future of meaningful industry education and hop on the prelicensing and certification bandwagon! This is a real game-changer for the title insurance industry — and nobody does it better than The Koogler Group, in collaboration with quality industry educators throughout the country. Karen Koogler is the leading author of title insurance textbooks, and the first to create prelicensing textbooks and courses — beginning in 1993, with the Florida Study Manual for Title Insurance and the 40-Hour Licensing Course for Title Agents.

Today, with seven distinct Study Manuals [each 500-700 pages in length] and written from three distinct perspectives — (1) title agent licensure; (2) closing agent licensure or certification; and (3) title examiner licensure or certification — The Koogler Group stands ready to help your state association, title insurance company, or other industry organization, become the leading provider of meaningful industry education in YOUR state!