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Building the Bridge Between the GFE and HUD-1 Online Program, RESPA Final Rule 2008

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This is a 2008 archived course and should be used for informational purposes only by those who are new to the industry.

Once the Integrative TILA-RESPA Final Rule is published [expected in October 2013] we will write a new textbook and create a new course that is specific to the new Final Rule. We expect the new book and online course to be available in late Spring 2014.

This online program is designed for LOAN ORIGINATORS (Lenders and Mortgage Brokers) and SETTLEMENT AGENTS (Title Agents and Attorneys) who understand the importance of working together to create a simple, seamless, settlement experience for their customers. The Program segments have been fully expanded to include all HUD FAQS posted as of December 3, 2009 AND includes a Special Insert on the impact the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA) has on the loan origination and settlement process.

The Building the Bridge Online Program (6 to 8 hours of implementation level education) and 300 page textbook was created at the request of the attendees of the RESPA Final Rule Implementation Program presented LIVE to thousands of title agents and attorneys throughout the country.

As settlement agents, those attending the LIVE Program quickly understood that, no matter how well prepared they were, if loan originators (lenders and mortgage brokers) were not similarly trained on Final Rule implementation, the new GFE would not properly inform HUD-1 preparation. Moving forward, these two important consumer disclosures are joined-at-the-hip. How the GFE is prepared strongly influences how charges will appear on the HUD-1; therefore, it is essential that loan originators (lenders and mortgage brokers) and settlement agents (title agents, attorneys, and other settlement/escrow personnel) get on the “same page” so as to understand BOTH sides of the transaction.

Building upon the original RESPA Final Rule Implementation Program, the Building the Bridge Program EXPANDS several Course Modules by integrating all HUD FAQS posted on HUD’s website as of December 3, 2009. In addition, the Program includes a completely NEW segment on TILA/MDIA, where we discuss the closing delays that can occur under TILA as modified by the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act which took effect July 30, 2009. The textbook also includes a chapter on the importance of constructive communication and the impact stress can have on communications.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. RESPA Final Rule Overview
  3. The New GFE: Buckets, Tolerance, and Breaches (Expanded)
  4. It’s All About You: Series 1100 Title Charges (Expanded)
  5. The New HUD-1 Line Item Review (Expanded)
  6. Average Charges
  7. TILA/MDIA: The Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act


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