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Course Registration Bulletin


Alabama 20-Hour Prelicensing Course for Title Agents – Now ONLINE

Effective August 2020, the Southeast Land Title Association [SLTA], a multi-state Industry Trade Association became the Course Provider [#23300490] of the Alabama 20-Hour Prelicensing Course for Title Agents. The SLTA and The Koogler Group have been partners on the Course since 2014. As such, The Koogler Group will continue to REGISTER participants for the Course and Karen Koogler, CEO of The Koogler Group – and author of the Alabama Study Manual for Title Insurance will continue to INSTRUCT the Course, just as she has since 2014.

Virtual Classroom Program Format

In response to COVID, we have created a new Virtual Classroom [VC] Program format. The VC Program is a live-stream, instructor-supported broadcast. Due to ongoing COVID concerns, all 2022 Programs will be delivered virtually.

Alabama Department of Insurance

For additional information regarding licensure as an Alabama Title Insurance agent, please visit the Alabama Department of Insurance website.


Florida 40-Hour Prelicensing Course Venue – In-Person Classes

Unless otherwise noted on the Course Calendar, all public sessions of the Florida 40-Hour Prelicensing Course are held at the Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa Northwest/Oldsmar. The hotel provides a discounted sleeping room rate which is available to anyone attending a Koogler Group course. Simply call the hotel, at 813-818-7202 and tell them you are with The Koogler Group to receive the discounted rate. An email link to the hotel will be provided via “Course Confirmation” once you register to attend a course.

We also offer one in-person Session per year at the Hilton Garden Inn (I-95 Outlets) in West Palm Beach each July. Seats in that Session are limited to a maximum of 30 people, so South Florida attendees should register early as the Session generally sells out quickly. The hotel sets aside a minimum number of sleeping rooms for those out of the area; however reservations must be made a minimum of 30-days prior to Course Date.

40-Hour Title Agent Prelicensing Course – “Traditional” and “Virtual” Options

Florida Statute 626.8417(3)(a) requires that the 40-Hour Course be a CLASSROOM Course – which prohibits online on-demand self-study programming. In early 2020, amid the early COVID-19 crisis, The Koogler Group obtained FLDFS approval for a Virtual Classroom [VC] Program delivered in a live-streamed, instructor-led, interactive-learning format. The first VC Program was successfully delivered in June 2020. The VC Program is offered three times per year as a 10-week night school, with two 2-Hour Sessions per week, for a total of 20-Sessions.

Licensing Qualification and State Exam Preparation

There are two separate elements for obtaining a title agent license – (1) qualifying for licensure; and (2) passing the state exam. Both are discussed below…

To Qualify for Licensure, you must either:

  1. Complete the 40-Hour course, OR
  2. Have sufficient working experience (at least 1 year of responsible title duties working full time or substantially full time for a title company or title agency during the 4 years preceding date of application). In this case, you must provide a Qualification and Verification of Experience Form, signed by your employer (form available on This is not about “time served” – it is whether you possess a level of professional qualifications as set forth on the Form.

Who May Attend The 40-Hour Course

Anyone wishing to take the Florida 40-Hour Prelicensing Course is welcome to do so, including those who qualify to sit for the state exam based on experience. Experienced agents may wish to purchase the Florida Study Manual for Title Insurance [on which the State Exam is based] and the Florida Title Insurance Exam Prep [Optional Exam Prep Component] for self-study purposes. You are encouraged to choose the study method best suited to your specific needs.

Layered Learning – Course, Textbook, and Online Exam Prep

As noted above, there are two separate elements for obtaining a title agent license – (1) qualifying for licensure; and (2) passing the state exam. As such, we have developed a 3-level “Layered Learning” approach that, if adhered to, will deliver the instruction required to qualify for licensure and, separately, prepare students for the state exam.

  1. Learning Layer #1 – Read the Textbook
    The Florida Study Manual for Title Insurance [required reading] is the textbook upon which State Exam questions are based and covers all topics listed on the Exam Content Outline. We strongly recommend that those taking the 40-Hour Course read the Florida Study Manual in advance, as it greatly aids understanding of the material presented in class. Note: Those enrolled in the Virtual Classroom (VC) Program are required to complete Assigned Reading prior to each Session in order to pass Session Quizzes, which are a required [regulatory] component of the VC Program.
  2. Learning Layer #2 – Complete the 40-Hour Course
    The 40-Hour Course is a “Teaching-Learning” course of instruction that places the content of the Florida Study Manual for Title Insurance into context, by providing real-world examples of the various topics covered throughout the Course. The purpose of the Course is to ensure that those entering the industry have a basic understanding of all topics listed on the Exam Content Outline. The 40-Hour Course is NOT an Exam-Prep Course.
  3. Learning Layer #3 – Prepare for the State Exam
    The Florida Title Insurance Exam Prep is an optional component, best suited for those who prefer taking simulated exams when studying for the State Exam. Please note that this product may contain questions similar to the State Exam but does not include State Exam questions. The purpose of this product is to reinforce the information contained in the Florida Study Manual for Title Insurance and taught in the 40-Hour Course.

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