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TILA-RESPA [“TRID” Rule] Implementation Support

October 3, 2015 [the extended TRID Rule Effective Date] is just around the corner, and most title agents, attorneys, and closing agents have yet to initiate “meaningful conversations” with internal staff, local lenders, and realtors regarding Rule implementation.

As covered in the Classroom and TILA-RESPA [TRID] Rule Online Program, the TRID Rule changes the way in which realtors, lenders, and title (closing) agents communicate with each other and with buyer/borrowers and sellers.

TRID Rule implementation conversations are not easy. Each participant—realtor, lender, title (closing) agent, or other—brings to the table a different perspective regarding implementation. Some have had no training, while others have either misunderstood the information provided by various seminar speakers or were given inaccurate or incomplete information. That’s why we encourage everyone to attend the Integrative TILA-RESPA Final Rule Classroom Program or enroll in the Online Program.

On-Site TRID Rule Implementation Support

The Koogler Group now offers half-day and full-day on-site implementation support for Title Agencies, Law Firms, and Settlement/Escrow Companies—those who completed the one-day Integrative TILA-RESPA Final Rule Classroom Program or enroll in the Online Program—where Karen sits down with you and your staff and, if desired, your local realtors and front-line lending personnel with whom you do business for purposes of getting everyone on the same page moving forward. We begin by determining the “target group” of attendees and then, through you, reach out to them in advance, inviting them to supply a list of questions or concerns they may have regarding TRID Rule implementation. Karen then targets the conversation to ensure those issues are covered, supplementing with additional information, and inviting everyone to contribute to the conversation. In short, we want to ensure that everyone is heard and that all questions, concerns, and opinions are respected. Please note that the format is a meeting rather than a formal PowerPoint presentation. Karen moderates the discussion and can step in and provide Rule-related information, including citations [at the meeting or in a follow-up written synopsis] to ensure everyone has correct and current information from which to move forward.

Contact for date availability and fees.

Virtual TRID Rule Implementation Support

TRID Implementation support is also available via email and phone support on a retainer basis. Contact for terms and fees.